PikaGirl Update Notes

Custom prefixes, a new avatar, a status page, a web server rewrite and a whole lot more!

July 21, 2018 - 4 minute read -

PikaGirl is finally here! It’s been about 3 months since the last update, but it’s finally here. This update includes a small amount of awesome new features and a lot of bug fixes and rewriting.

Changelog Summary

  • Regoranized files and directories.
  • Cleaned up files and seperated into different files.
  • Optimized locale downloader, for some reason.
  • Rewrote command handler.
  • Made everything a lot more module based.
  • Seperated Locale Management to a seperate module.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Preparation for custom prefixes.
  • Optimised Locale Management and downloads.
  • Created seperate console logging module.
  • Optimised console logging.
  • Polished console logging.
  • Rewrote reload commands.
  • Created external WS and Web Server modules.
  • Rewrote Web Server.
  • Fixed website.
  • Added more statuses.
  • Created status page.
  • Fixed DBL voting.
  • Updated PikaGirl avatar.
  • Cleaned code.
  • Removed deprecated code.

PikaGirl’s New Avatar

PikaGirl has a brand new avatar! And this time, it has been completely designed from scratch. A big thank you to my amazing friend, FluffyMidgetPotato, who drew and designed PikaGirl’s new icon and style with a small amount of my help, she really did an amazing job. She completely redesigned PikaGirl and gave her a much more personal look. I am very happy with it and I’m glad to say that we have an awesome artist on board to help with PikaGirls icons and avatars. She has also created new PikaGirl chibi’s, which can be used as emoji on PikaGirl’s Discord Server and on any other Discord Server with Discord Nitro. She will continue to create other icons and chibi’s for PikaGirl which will be seen in the future. Full PikaGirl Avatar.

Status Page

PikaGirl now has a status page, listing all component statuses in real time. Not only does it show statuses for PikaGIrl’s components, but also third party services such as Discord, and various other hosting providers that help PikaGirl run. I’m not too sure what my original reasoning for creating this was, but eh, it exists now. Click Here to Check it Out

Rewritten Web Server

Now originally, the web server consisted of just NGINX serving static HTML, JavaScript, CSS files and the rest, and scripts obtaining required statistics and commands from the bot’s personal webserver or api equivalent. Now, at the time, I knew that this was stupid, and to this day, I’ve always hated it. At the time I was in a rush and didn’t get the chance to do it any other way, so I just had to make do. However, I have now created a web server using the web framework Express for NodeJS and a bunch of middleware. This setup is much faster than the previous one and should no longer fail to function if the bot itself goes down, which is a good thing. Additionally, if the web server does crash or shut down unexpectedly, the status page will automatically mark the component as offline and users will be automatically navigated to the status page if they attempt to access the original site, which is pretty handy.

Custom Guild Prefixes

Finally! You can now customise the prefix PikaGirl uses in your Discord Servers! You can have up to five different prefixes per Discord Server. You can also remove the default prefix if you really want to as well, however it is not possible to remove all prefixes, you need to have at least one.

>config guild prefix

Lots Behind the Scenes Changes Too

There were a lot of modules rewritten in this update to make user experiences much smoother and future updates easier. A lot of bugs were patched and a lot of things were polished in this update as well. I’m not going to go to the full length for each new addition as I genuinely cannot be bothered and I’m fairly sure no one really gives a shit at this point.


This update took nearly 3 months to develop. I took a long break halfway through as well which extended everything by about 2 months. If I really wanted to, I probably could have finished this update in about a month, but I just couldn’t find the motivation I needed. Also wanted to give one last final shoutout to FluffyMidgetPotato who created PikaGirl’s new profile picture and emoji, she worked really hard on them and she did an amazing job. Also, PikaGirl hit 20K Discord servers not too long ago as well, so I’d like to thank everyone for that too, and here’s to the next 10,000 servers and next few updates.

Cheers, PikaDude.